Jazz & Composition

As well as playing an extensive range of classical repertoire, Tim has always had an equal interest in jazz and improvisation.  He finds it really interesting to mix jazz with the more formal classical world, experimenting with strings and other more unconventional woodwind instruments in his compositions.  One of Tim's favourite things is to just sit down at the piano and improvise, and he tries to do so whenever time allows!  Some of his jazz idols include Bill Evans, Erroll Garner, Oscar Peterson and George Shearing, as well as having a real interest in the roots of jazz and its crossover to the classical world, with people like George Gershwin and Earl Wild coming near the top of his favourites list.  

Recordings and Compositions

'Decorations' for Trio by Tim Rumsey

When You Wish Upon a Star, arranged by Tim Rumsey

An American in Paris by George Gershwin, arranged by Tim Rumsey

Let's Kiss and Make Up, by George Gershwin/Tim Rumsey